Episode 001

Sandra Chuma

Welcome to The NDINI Podcast

January 28, 2018

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Episode Overview

“What is Ndini? What does it mean?”

Ndini is a Shona word. Shona is the most widely spoken Bantu language and is native to the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

Ndini translates to, “I am,” it’s a declaration and an affirmation.

Africa is a vast continent with a myriad of people, ideas, and stories to tell. Stories that stretch far and wide, multifaceted – much like a prism. Some stories entertain, some inform, and some will undoubtedly inspire. Which is why it is unfortunate how one particular narrative resonates most with the rest of the world: Africa, a poverty-stricken country with perpetual famine and constant conflict. Although this story rings true, it is simply one of many; and to ignore the other stories in favor of a single narrative is a disservice to those who have done such outstanding work in their careers and passions. This is what we seek to remedy.

“You have not heard it before, because it is an African woman’s story, and our stories rarely are told. I want you to hear mine.”

Leymah Gbowee

NDINI is a platform that shares the stories of inspiring, groundbreaking and trailblazing women of African descent.

It is a place to tell the extraordinary and untold, with pride.

It was created to challenge the current narrative of Africa, and bring light to the many, many strong, intelligent, wise and passionate women who are showing the next generation of young women what is possible when you believe in yourself.

Our fervent hope is that Ndini will grow and evoke the spirit of change in how the world perceives African women, and more importantly, how we see ourselves as women.

Join us as we discover and explore empowering ‘I am’ statements from our fearless NDINI guests, that inspires us to reflect on our own ‘I am’ statements and how it can help us become our best selves.


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