Episode 007

Gugu Nkabinde

The power of believing in your ideas

March 11, 2018

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Episode Overview

“You’ve got to believe in the strength of your idea, and that you are worthy to be given that idea to bring to the world”

The story of Gugu Intimates is a story of self-belief.  That’s how Gugu Nkabinde describes starting Africa’s first premium underwear range for women of color.

Gugu was a high-flying Brand Strategy Executive until she got tired of trying to find nude colored underwear that matched her skin tone.

With no prior experience in the industry, and with just some personal savings, she decided to find a solution.  Gugu Intimates went from just an idea to what is now a rapidly growing international brand.

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • How a new year’s resolution led to her creating an underwear brand
  • How she walked away from her dream job to create Gugu Intimates
  • How she chose that name for the brand, and what it means
  • What she says is the Gugu Intimates brand story
  • Why designing a comfortable AND sexy plus size bra is next on her list
  • The greatest lessons she’s learned from failure
  • What’s surprised her most as she’s been building her business
  • The best advice she’s been given, and the advice she would give to any aspiring entrepreneur
  • What she thinks is the biggest demon that entrepreneurs have to fight
  • What her “I am…” is


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