Episode 009

Eposi Litumbe

Do what you love, and success will follow

March 25, 2018

Episode Overview

“Wait! The best piece of advice that I’ve been given is to be patient with myself, and with the things that I hope for.”

Eposi Litumbe describes herself as ‘Cameroonian born, American raised, World Citizen and seasoned traveler’.

By day, Eposi is a scientist working in medical research.  By night, she’s a film producer and content creator, including having a travel web series focused on sharing the beauty of Africa.

Eposi shares how these two seemingly very different roles are her life’s passion.  Through science, she gets to positively impact medicine in her work as a clinical researcher.  And through her travel series, she gets to tell a different narrative about the African continent.

She is the producer of the web travel series ‘JANU with Eposi’, which is focused on “getting to know the people, places and cultures of Africa.”

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • How being bullied at school led to her becoming a stunt performer
  • Her advice for anyone thinking of a career in STEM
  • What it’s like being a woman of color in medical research
  • Why NOT being accepted into medical school was one of her greatest gifts
  • How not getting what you think you want is sometimes the biggest blessing


  • Why it’s important to find your strengths and what you love
  • How failure can be a gift
  • Where she gets inspiration for her work
  • Her advice for what makes a great picture
  • What her “I am” is


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