Episode 010

Diane Ngako

Creating a new narrative about Africa

April 1, 2018

Episode Overview

“That is my goal.  That is my purpose is to let my generation believe in their potential.  That they can make a difference.  That they can change the world because of course our generation is going to change the world”

Most people talk about how frustrated they are by the stereotypical narrative of Africa, but few do anything about it.  Diane Ngako is one of those few who is doing something to change the narrative on Africa.

Diane quit her high-flying job as a social media editor for one of France’s leading publication to return to her native Cameroon.

In the one year since returning to Cameroon, she has established a leading creative digital agency called  Omenkart .  Earlier this year, Diane opened an art gallery to showcase local artists, and to encourage people to experience culture through art.

Diane is also the mind behind Visiter L’Afrique, one of the leading social media platforms sharing curated profiles of African travel destinations, all of which are submitted by users.  And most recently she’s published a visually stunning coffee table book called ‘They call it Africa, we call it home’ which shares a curated sampling of pictures and profiles from Visiter L’Afrique.

Forbes Magazine named Diane one of Africa’s ’30 Most Influential People Under 30’

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • What it meant to her to be named one of Africa’s ’30 Most Influential People Under 30’ by Forbes Magazine
  • Her memories of her idyllic childhood in Cameroon
  • The challenges she faced being a Cameroonian child growing up in France after moving there with her family when she was 12
  • What made her give up a high flying career at one of France’s leading publication to return to her home country
  • What frustrates her most about the stereotypical narrative about Africa
  • Why she’s so passionate about being part of telling a different narrative about Africa
  • Why it was important to her to create a platform to share information about African travel destinations
  • Diane’s favorite African travel destination
  • How she went about self-publishing her coffee table book ‘They call it Africa, we call it home’
  • Her favorite traditional Cameroonian food
  • What Diane is most excited about in her life right now
  • The greatest lesson she learned from her parents
  • What her biggest dream is
  • What Diane’s ‘I Am’ is


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