Episode 014

Whitney Madueke

Create beautiful moments wherever you are

April 29, 2018

Episode Overview

Whitney Madueke is a lawyer, who was admitted as a Barrister in the High Court of Nigeria.  But after studying law, she realised that law wasn’t her passion.  What she really loved was fashion and beauty.  So she packed up her bags and moved to the New York to pursue her passion.  

Making the transition wasn’t easy though – she’s had to work hard to create her brand, and there were times she even thought about giving up on her dream.  But she’s persisted, and now has partnerships with some major fashion brands. 

She started what has become a hugely successful YouTube channel where she shares tips on hair and makeup.  

She’s also decided to go back to school to study fashion, because her ultimate goal is to be a fashion designer.  

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • How Whitney went from being a lawyer to being in the fashion and beauty business
  • The challenges she’s faced in making the transition, and what her family thought about her making such a drastic career change
  • Why Whitney believes in the power of following your dreams 
  • How to take great pictures for social media
  • The biggest mistakes she sees women of color making with their makeup
  • Her advice for taking care of natural hair 
  • What she wishes she had more of in her life
  • Her biggest goal
  • The best advice she’s ever been given 
  • What Whitney’s ‘I Am’ is


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