Episode 019

Thembi Bheka

Real Estate. Real Riches

June 3, 2018

Episode Overview

“My legacy – I would like to have impacted women.  I would like to have changed people’s lives for the better.” 

When her marriage fell apart, and the economic and political situation in her native Zimbabwe started rapidly declining, Thembi Bheka was forced to leave her home country to move to Canada as a refugee.  Although it was heartbreaking, she had to leave her young children behind.  She arrived in Canada with a whole lot of determination, and only $5 in her pocket – money which she’d been given by a fellow passenger on her flight.   

Thembi worked odd jobs including as a car wash attendant and a care giver, before being accepted into nursing school.  She graduated with flying colours, and got a job, which meant she could finally bring her children to live with her in Canada .   

But she soon realised that trying to balance being a single mother with her newfound career was not going to work.  She also knew that nursing was not a profession she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing.

Thembi stumbled across a seminar on real estate investing, which introduced her to the bestselling book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘.  She credits that seminar and the book for literally changing her life.  She was inspired to buy her first rental property and hasn’t looked back since! 

In addition to being a real estate investor, Thembi has decided to share her knowledge by starting a company which she’s called ‘Real Estate Real Riches’.  Through her company, she offers training focused on educating and empowering others about investing in real estate.  

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • How Thembi went from being a refugee with only $5 in her pocket to now having financial freedom 
  • What she learned from what is now her favourite book ‘Rich Day, Poor Dad’
  • What her biggest ‘Why’ is
  • How she’s using the knowledge she’s learned in real estate to empower women, and in particular African women
  • Her advice for anyone looking to get started in the real estate market
  • What being a real estate owner has done for her and her family
  • What Thembi’s greatest dream is
  • What her superpower is
  • What Thembi believes “real riches” are
  • The legacy she wants to leave behind 
  • What Thembi’s “I am..” is


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