Episode 021

Chule Gobodo

Love is all there is. Only love is real.

June 17, 2018

Episode Overview

Frustrated by the lack of authentic representation of African women in media and advertising, Chule Gobodo co-founded Brainbow Conscious Creatives with two of her film school classmates.  Their focus is connecting brands to African women through authentic storytelling. 

And everything they do is driven from LOVE – an unheard of concept in the business world.  And even more unusual is a Creative Agency, owned and managed by three young black women film makers. As Chule says “We don’t do business as usual. At Brainbow, we do business unusual! 

The South African company has been making waves in the creative ad space since being founded less than two years ago, and is ranked 7th in the world by the Mobile Marketing Association Awards for best creative agency for business impact. To put this in context, Ogilvy which is on largest creative agencies in the world is ranked 6th.

Chule and her Brainbow co-founders are also the creative minds behind the platform “The Economy of Women“,  They felt compelled to address the crisis of confidence that many African women face.  Their goal with the platform is provide women with an online community, where they can grown and support each other.  

And love being at the centre of everything she does, Chule also has a personal platform called ‘Chule, the Love Activist’.  

Chule comes from a lineage of achievers – in 1987 her mother, Nonkululeko Gobodo was the first black female Chartered Accountant in South Africa.  

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Why you should never be afraid to start over or to re-invent yourself 
  • The big dream and vision that Chule and her partners at Brainbow have for African women
  • The book the inspired how Brainbow does business  
  • Why they created the platform “The Economy of Women” and what it means
  • What Chule’s biggest dream is for herself
  • How having a mother who was the first black female Chartered Accountant in South Africa inspired Chule
  • Why Chule thinks African women have such poor relationships with money
  • The surprising thing that Chule is afraid of 
  • What she loves most about herself 
  • ….and the profound meaning of her name 
  • The best advice she has ever been given
  • What Chule’s “I am’ is 


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