Episode 043

Quick Fire Q&A with Gugu Nkabinde

December 2, 2018

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Episode Overview

Starting this week, we’re taking you down memory lane with some of the guests we’ve featured on NDINI this year.

At the end of each interview, I ask each guest some quick-fire questions. They’ll have to answer the question with the first thing that pops in their head!

These are a little more light-hearted to help us get to know them better, and even see a different side to them.

We’re kicking things off this week with Gugu Nkabinde, who was our guest in Episode 7. She had shared her story of how Gugu Intimates came to be. But now, it’s time to learn more about Gugu herself.

Gugu shared with us her favourite time of day, the book she loves most, and her very “bougie” choice of breakfast cereal!

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • How Gugu would describe herself in 3 words
  • Who’s the first person that comes to her mind when she hears the word successful
  • What Gugu’s favourite book is
  • What’s her favourite gift to give
  • What’s the best gift that she has ever received
  • What she loves most about where she lives
  • What Gugu’s favourite item of clothing
  • What Gugu’s favourite time of day is and why
  • The 2 people she’d most like to have dinner with and why
  • What’s Gugu can’t get through the day without
  • What Gugu’s “I am…” is


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