Episode 046

Quick Fire Q&A with Catherine Addai

December 23, 2018

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Episode Overview

In this week’s NDINI quick fire segment, we have one of Africa’s hottest new fashion designers – Kaela Kay’s CEO and Creative Director, Catherine Addai.

There’s really nothing quite as extraordinary as finding one’s true passion, telling one’s story, and empowering others to do the same. Which is why it is always a great delight to bring front and center some of Africa’s most amazing women.

But beyond all the successes and the struggles, we are all human at our core. This is why these quick fires segments are so special! It is an opportunity for us to know our guest even more — what brings them joy, the best advice they’ve ever been given, and even what their worst habit is. It’s like seeing their colorful personalities through a looking glass.

Speaking of colorful, you will love today’s quickfire guest highlight!

With her love for bold prints and colors, Catherine Addai obviously isn’t someone who would sit idly on the sidelines. She has managed to effortlessly pique people’s interest with her wit, charm, and unique sense of style — something that shines through every Kaela Kay dress ever created which makes it an equally good conversation starter.

But like all epic tales, Catherine’s journey had its fair share of detours before ultimately getting to her destination.

Back in episode 24, we learned what inspired her to become the entrepreneur and fashion diva that she is now. Her inspiration wasn’t anything glamorous, it was something most of us can relate to – frustration.

So, what happened? In a nutshell, Catherine needed a dress for an event but her seamstress couldn’t deliver on time. Why? Because she wasn’t a priority. So she did what any sensible person would do – she made one herself using the sewing machine her mother had given her.

Then came the day of the event! She wore her first hand-sewn dress. After receiving a considerable amount of double-takes (and a good deal of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’), it dawned onto her that she might be onto something. It took her a few years to refine that ‘something’ into what is now Kaela Kay and become its full-time creative director.

But did you know that her regular day job at the time wasn’t even remotely connected with the fashion industry? She had a career in the health sector, worked on her designs and business on the side, AND was raising a family. How did she even juggle all those roles? Well, she’s just as surprised as we are!

“You don’t have to show a lot to be sexy. Sometimes being covered up can be sexy, if the cut is right!” – Catherine Addai

Kayla Kay isn’t your typical designer brand. These are clothes that encompass Catherine’s creativity and African heritage. It’s an ever-evolving clothing line for women who want to be fashionable yet formidable – these are creations with a compelling story.

And now that you know the story behind the business, it’s time to know even more about our lovely guest!

Here’s another NDINI quick fire round to liven up the holidays and deliver your weekly dose of awesome.


what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Catherine describes herself in 3 words
  • The first person that comes to mind when she hears the word ‘successful’
  • Her favorite book
  • What’s the best gift she’s ever received
  • What she loves the most about the place she lives in
  • What she can’t get through the day without
  • Her favorite time of day
  • The two people she’d like to have dinner with and why
  • Catherine as ‘The Lover of Claw Nails and Fried Plantain”
  • And so much more!


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