Episode 058

Sandra Chuma

We are who we declare ourselves to be

March 17, 2019

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Episode Overview

Earlier this year, we celebrated NDINI’s first anniversary! 2018 has been such a wonderful year to connect, educate, and inspire. So many things have happened since then, and it has made us even stronger. Being here and growing our community has truly been an amazing and encouraging feat! Thank you, everyone. It’s an honor to have been given this opportunity to serve and invite others to become beacons of hope and change themselves. We look forward to sharing more inspiring stories of African women transforming Africa’s narrative into one that radiates hope, resilience, wisdom, and love for humanity.

“There is so much more to us as African Women.” – Sandra Chuma, NDINI

From activists to thought leaders, artists, and socio-environmental entrepreneurs, I have learned that women – all women – ultimately, desire the same thing: a world that encourages everyone to embrace their truth, their potential, and their purpose.

That’s why it has been such a blessing to have met dozens of phenomenal and trailblazing African sisters through NDINI. These dedicated African women, whose mission is to create and leave a bright legacy for future generations, are the role models we need. Our courage echoes as we declare our “I am…” with great purpose and fierce determination. Owning our voice has led to our awakening and empowerment.

It was over a year ago when Leymah Gbowee’s quote inspired me to step up and create this platform. In her book ‘Might Be Our Powers’ she wrote, “You have never heard my story. It is an African woman’s story because so rarely are our stories told.”

This week I’m bringing you my truth, my voice and my purpose – how I became the woman I am, and how I am evolving into the woman I am becoming.

This year I committed myself to overcome the fear of sharing my story. This year I am even more resolved to continue this quest towards greater courage, greater love, greater faith, and stepping more fully into my purpose.

THANK YOU for joining me on this journey, for keeping me accountable, for supporting and inspiring me to do what I love, and for encouraging me to serve the world in the best way I know how.

I am Sandra Chuma, Head Storyteller here at NDINI, and this is my story.

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • What it was like growing up in Zimbabwe
  • Why my family was passionate about education
  • How migrating to Canada changed our lives
  • How my struggles helped evolve my mindset to one of growth and acceptance
  • What inspired me to create a storytelling platform focused on sharing trailblazing African women’s stories
  • Why it’s my mission to talk about African women’s extraordinary and untold stories with pride


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