Episode 096

Quick FIre Q&A with Hoodo Hersi

December 8, 2019

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Episode Overview

It’s the time of the year again where we get to kick back and have a little fun with our guests. It’s time for our Quick Fire Q&A series! In this series of Quick Fire rounds, we get the chance to know our amazing guests even more on a lighter and even quirkier level with their spontaneous answers. Make sure you don’t miss this, you might learn a thing or two about these phenomenal women that would surprise you!

First on our Quick Fire Q&A feature is stand-up comic and writer Hoodo Hersi. She was such a delightful guest in Episode 70 where she shared her experiences and valuable insight being a minority in the comedy industry.

Hoodo brought in a refreshing standpoint on how resilient African women are and why we shouldn’t let other people’s expectations hold us back from speaking our truth and sharing our humor in this complicated yet incredible world.

I want people to laugh, but I also want people to really think. I care about getting laughs, but also want to challenge people’s ideas — in a good way.” Hoodo Hersi

But in this Quick Fire episode, Hoodo shares a wide range of random things — from favorite gifts, clothing, morning routines, to who she wants to have dinner with, skin care, and her serious love for sweets.

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • How Hoodo describes herself in 3 words
  • Her definition of success
  • Her ‘favorite’ book
  • Her favorite gift to give and receive
  • What she loves about where she lives
  • Her favorite item of clothing
  • Her favorite time of day and why
  • Her morning and night routine
  • The people she would want to have dinner with
  • What she can’t through the day without
  • Her phone, favorite app, and what’s in her purse
  • Her pick for the theme song of her life


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