Episode 097

Quick Fire Q&A with Nini Amerlise

December 15, 2019

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Episode Overview

Next on our Quick Fire Q&A series this month is supermodel, actress, and motivational speaker, Nini Amerlise.

This phenomenal woman was our guest in Episode 72 where she talked about how she got started in the modeling industry, and her journey to her success and the person that she is now. Despite a rocky start in modeling, Nini did not let her challenges bring her down and worked hard to pursue her passion relentlessly. She has achieved several recognitions, features, and honors including being named the Rising Star Model of the Year by African Fashion Organization in 2016.

Nini also was the Inaugural winner of Supermodel Canada (TV series), making her the first black woman to win a modelling competition of this caliber in the entire Canadian demographic.

“Consistency is really what births the fruits of greatness. From consistency, you see the fruits of all your work that will be done.” – Nini Amerlise

In this Quick Fire episode, we get to know Nini a bit more on the lighter side, including (of course) her favorite item of clothing, favorite food, favorite place she had visited, what she can’t get through the day without, her pick for the theme song of her life, and why she dreams to become the face of Chanel.

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Nini’s favorite book
  • Her favorite gift to give and receive
  • What she loves about where she lives
  • Her favorite item of clothing
  • Her favorite time of day and why
  • The two people she would like to have dinner with
  • Her favorite thing to eat
  • What she can’t get the day through without
  • Why the screensaver on phone is special
  • Her favorite app
  • Her favorite place she ever visited
  • Why she dreams to be the face of Chanel
  • Her worst habit
  • Her pick for the theme song of her life


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