Episode 098

Quick Fire Q&A with Tomi Gbeleyi

December 22, 2019

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Episode Overview

For our Quick Fire round this week, we have CEO and Founder of Makeup For Melanin Girls (MFMG Cosmetics), Tomi Gbeleyi.

We featured Tomi in Episode 78 where she talked about her journey in creating her own beauty brand that specifically caters to the needs of dark-skinned women. She was driven by her own experience as a young runway model when makeup artists had difficulty figuring out how to work the makeup for a model of her ethnicity.

She had also learned that most multi-ethnic women with darker skin like herself would just “hack” the existing catalogue of commercial makeup by mixing products to achieve the color and look that would match their skin tone.

This led her to create her own own community on social media, eventually creating her own brand.

“I’m making more women around the world feel confident that they can do things, more women that can say ‘I can’… more women feeling beautiful and confident to take on whatever challenges come in their way.” – Tomi Gbeleyi

In this episode, we get to hear Tomi’s quickfire answers, as well as some of her interesting and funny stories that includes an ‘expected yet unexpected’ wedding proposal.

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Tomi’s favorite book
  • Her favorite gift to give and receive
  • How her fiance proposed to her
  • What she loves about where she lives
  • Her favorite item of clothing
  • Her favorite time of day and why
  • The two people she would like to have dinner with
  • What she can’t get the day through without
  • Why the screensaver on phone is special
  • Her favorite place she ever visited
  • Her worst habit
  • Her pick for the theme song of her life


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