Episode 103

Quick Fire Q&A with Tabia Charles Collins

January 26, 2020

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Episode Overview

For this week’s Quick Fire round, we have former Olympian, University of Miami Sports Hall of Famer, fashion designer, ad motivational speaker Tabia Charles Collins.

Tabia joined us in Episode 94 where she talked about her journey to becoming an Olympic athlete, and the aftermath of her unfortunate accident that ended her Olympic career. She shared what this meant for her, how she struggled and dealt with this reality, how she moved on, and has now dedicated her life to change other people’s lives by being a living example.

“Athletics builds character, discipline, hard work, and confidence… From athletics, I have made amazing connections. I have started different businesses. And for me, that’s even greater than just saying ‘I am an Olympian.’” – Tabia Charles Collins

In this episode, we get to know a little more about Tabia as she answers our Quick Fire questions, including what she considers as her ‘super power’, and why she thinks that marriage can be so amazing.

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Tabia’s ‘superpower’
  • How she describes herself in 3 words
  • Her favorite gift to give and receive
  • Her favorite thing to eat
  • Her favorite place she ever visited
  • Her favorite item of clothing
  • Her favorite time of day and why
  • The two people she would like to have dinner with
  • What she can’t get through the day without
  • The screensaver on your phone
  • What she carries with her all the time
  • Her worst habit
  • What she wishes she had more in life
  • Why she thinks marriage can be so amazing


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