Episode 111

Maria Michelle Lee

Building a Tribe of Empowerment

March 22, 2020

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Episode Overview

Maria Michelle Lee is an inspirational and motivational speaker, a life coach — all that while being an expert spray tan therapist. She also owns Brown Sugar Spray Tanz, offering natural luxury spray tan services, specializing in spray tan education, certification, & competition tans.

Maria does the best of both worlds — mentoring many women to be their best mentally, spiritually and physically, while expertly doing their spray tan sessions. If you want to know how that works out, you’ll want to hear it straight from Maria as she talks about how this began, and how she has found her purpose doing it.

“I had to break down to break through to become unapologetically me.” – Maria Michelle Lee

Maria struggled through living as a ‘people pleaser’ and getting burned out to the point of considering ending her own life. With the help of a friend and some divine intervention, she was able to overcome this critical point in her life, and come to realize her purpose. Maria understands that so many people go through this kind of sadness and struggle, that she made it her goal to do everything she can so that nobody would ever go through such an experience.

“I’m going to live to be happy in spite of what other people think. I’m going to tell people that they can be happy too.” – Maria Michelle Lee

Maria herself started in the fitness industry, joining fitness competitions professionally. She even aimed for one competition after every child she had — she has three children — and did one more competition for her 40th birthday. With her knowledge and experience in this field, she knows well about how athletes could “look good on the outside, but don’t feel good on the inside,” as she had experienced this herself. Maria also helps people overcome body and self-esteem issues, and ultimately finding their true happiness.

“There’s always help. Whether you want it or not, there’s always help.” – Maria Michelle Lee

In this episode, Maria talks about the challenges and struggles she had to overcome to ultimately find her purpose. She shares her reflections on her experience joining fitness competitions, as well as about her beautiful family, and the people that inspire her.

Maria’s goal and focus is to build a tribe of empowerment, by teaching women how to love themselves through Mirror Workshops, Vision Board Sessions and Mindest Coaching programs.

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Maria’s personal struggles and challenges she had to overcome to realize her purpose
  • How she specializes in a self-reflection technique called “mirror work”.
  • Helps she helps athletes prepare for their competitions
  • How she started in the fitness industry
  • How she competed in fitness competitions and her reflections on this experience
  • How she helps people overcome body and self-esteem issues
  • How she found her purpose that brought her happiness
  • The people that inspire her
  • About her her beautiful family
  • Her proudest achievement
  • Her “I am…”


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