Episode 114

Faridat Audu

Giving your child a global gift of language

April 12, 2020

Episode Overview

“Bilingualism is a fundamental gift that every parent should give to their children” – Faridat Audu

It’s funny isn’t it how sometimes our inspiration to do something comes in the most random or unexpected way.

For Faridat Audu, the inspiration to become bilingual came in grade school when she admired her friend’s sister, who she thought was so elegant and sophisticated in part because she spoke French. This admiration inspired Faridat to move to Côte d’Ivoire for University, and to immerse herself in the language. This life-long interest has led to academic degrees for Faridat, and to her becoming a bilingual teacher and author, and most recently CEO of a company focused on promoting bilingualism.

“I want my children and my children’s generation to be able to visit each other’s country and be able to speak this language… without having any stress. That is my mission. That is what I call bilingualism in children.” – Faridat Audu

In this episode, Faridat gives us insight on language learning of kids and adults, as well as learning strategies. She also talks about the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the language education space, the importance of mindset, and the awareness of giving your child a global gift of learning to speak another language.

“I love to impact passion in children. I love to give a certain gift to children, that makes me happy. I love it when I give something to people, and I look back and I see them and I see something that I’ve contributed to their lives, it makes me feel accomplished, especially children.” – Faridat Audu

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Why Faridat thinks every parent should give their children the ‘gift’ of bilingualism
  • What it means to be bilingual
  • Why she felt the need to challenge herself to be different
  • How moving to a country where she didn’t speak the language forced her to become fully bilingual
  • How admiration of her classmate’s sister inspired her to want to learn a second language
  • Why helping others to become bilingual has become her mission
  • Faridat’s advice on the best age to teach a child a second language
  • How even cartoons and games can be your secret weapon to help your children to learn a second language
  • How even adults can use their downtime to learn a second language
  • Her encouragement and advice for fellow African women
  • What her “I am…” is


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