Episode 118

Natasha Sheppard

Be really passionate in what you do

May 10, 2020

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Episode Overview

As a child growing up, Natasha’s hair was consistently relaxed by her mother to make styling easier. She was even convinced that her hair was naturally straight (or ‘wavy’ at most) and ironically always wanted curly hair. Through many chemical relaxers and weekly wash-blowdry-straighten routines, her hair got more and more  damaged, until she finally decided to cut her hair short. Doing this started to reveal her true natural curls the moment she started growing out of the relaxers.

As years went by, eventually Natasha could not resist the urge anymore to do the “big chop” — to cut all of her hair off — so she could grow out her true curls from scratch.

Doing her own research on how to grow her curls and have proper hair care, she decided to start sharing her journey (via blogging, YouTube and Instagram), and continued learning until she became more confident in herself embracing her new found natural hair.

Natasha eventually learned enough to create her own formula and people started buying her products. This led to building her brand, Curlshoppe, which she now co-owns with her best friend, Rowan McAnoy.

After being able to create her own business and brand, a lot of people would ask her how she was able to do it. With her own experience and strategies in this field, she and her partner Sanjay created Hustl works, a platform to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

In this episode, Natasha shares her story and journey to becoming an entrepreneur, specifically with hair care and products. She shares her goals, dreams, and challenges, as well as her own advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Just be really passionate in what you do… If your passion is there, you are going to make a great product or service. Whatever you’re putting out is going to be the best you, as long as you’re happy doing it. Expect the hard work. Expect things to go wrong and push through. But if your heart’s in it and you know that you are doing a good job in the best that you can be, they will all work out in the end.” – Natasha Sheppard

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • How growing up Natasha thought she had straight hair because her mother always had her hair realized
  • How she learned about her natural curls because she wanted an edgy haircut
  • Why she eventually decided to do the “big chop”
  • How she learned all the necessary knowledge and science to create her own formula
  • How she created her own products and formed her brand
  • The realities and challenges of being an entrepreneur in the beauty space
  • Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Her “I am…”


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