Episode 122

Makini Smith

Finding strength and connection through vulnerability

June 7, 2020

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Episode Overview

“A lot of what we know, we actually need to unlearn to relearn the correct way…

A lot of people don’t understand that it’s the simple things that can change your life.” – Makini Smith

Makini was a straight A student when she was in high school, but her turbulent youth and environment at that time ended up causing her to become a mother at a very young age. She had to prove herself to her family and to society that she was not going to be just a statistic. She went back to school.

“A lot of people are struggling with a lot of issues on their own, in secret, feeling ashamed. And shame loves secrecy.” – Makini Smith

Despite having to work full time to support herself in college and being a single mother of two small children all at the same time, Makini graduated with honors. Her challenges would not end here as she had to deal with difficult and toxic relationships after. She also had to deal with anxiety, depression, and health issues because of this. But Makini rose through all these challenges and was able to provide for her children and be present to raise them by becoming an entrepreneur.

Makini shares how the passing of her sister greatly affected her change in perspective in life. Witnessing how her sister had made a difference in many people’s lives, this inspired her to do the same.

“We create this community of connection through being vulnerable. A lot of people are afraid to be vulnerable because they see it as a weakness, but I’ve learned that it’s a strength.” – Makini Smith

Makini shared her journey in her book A Walk In My Stilettos’ which has become a source of inspiration for many. She has also written several other books to help provide the tools needed to overcome self-limiting thoughts of doubt and fear, as well as to integrate the importance of gratitude in this process.

Makini Smith has also become an international speaker gracing platforms in Canada, the United States and Africa with her transparent storytelling of real life testimonies. Her authenticity and relatable message empowers women to walk boldly with their head held high. As an extension to her books, Makini also hosts a podcast called A Walk In My Stilettos Podcast.

“Fear and faith are both beliefs in the unknown. So if you have a choice, if you can choose, why not choose faith?” – Makini Smith

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Makini’s childhood upbringing and how she dealt with bullying
  • The challenges she faced dealing with teenage motherhood
  • How she worked full-time to support her studies and children being a single parent
  • How she decided to become an entrepreneur, and the challenges of becoming one
  • How the passing of her sister greatly changed her perspective in life
  • The books she has written and the stories and reasons behind them
  • Her insights on honesty and transparency of sharing her life and journey
  • How she turned vulnerability into strength
  • Her “I am…”


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