Episode 141

Sandra Chuma

9 Steps to Make the Last Quarter of 2020 Your Best!

October 18, 2020

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We’re down to the last quarter of the year.  If you’re like me, this is when “the wheels come off the bus” so to speak!  All the good habits, and all the goals I’ve been working towards go out of the window.

If this sounds like you…. BUT you want this year to be different, then this is for YOU!

I’ve been there so many times – ending the year disappointed in myself, and even further from my goals than when I started the year.

I’m sharing some of the things I’ve learned that I think will help to make this year different for you.  It doesn’t matter how close or far you are from your goals.  Using these 9 tips will absolutely help you to make these last 90 days your best!

… And it will set you up to go into the new year feeling inspired, and ready to take on the new decade!

Let’s finish 2020 STRONG!

– Sandra

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