Episode 143

Leslie ‘Lee’ Kasumba (Part 2)

Excellence in you makes people around you want to do better

November 1, 2020

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Episode Overview

“I am a communicator with purpose. I always want to be somebody who is opening doors, leading ways, or connecting people. That is really where my heart is.” – Leslie ‘Lee’ Kasumba

This week, we continue our conversation with Africa Media Executive, Broadcaster & Creative Industry Specialist, Leslie ‘Lee’ Kasumba.

In this second part of our conversation with Lee, she gives her definition of purpose, and talks about the challenges she had to overcome in life, and shares some valuable insight on excellence and embodying excellence in everything you do.

“As for me, the opening is going to be excellent. Because I know that if I open excellent, it’s going to go well… Excellence in you makes people around you leave feeling better and make these people want to do better.” – Leslie ‘Lee’ Kasumba

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • How she moved to Ghana with only one suitcase
  • Her insights on beauty
  • Her most challenging moments in life that make her thankful to be alive
  • How she helped herself through the most difficult experiences
  • Her sources of inspiration and encouragement
  • Her invaluable advice on doing interviews
  • Her insight on the importance of embodying  excellence


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