Episode 147

Sandra Chuma

The easy way to ‘BREAK’ bad habits

November 29, 2020

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Episode Overview

How do you start to ‘break’ a bad habit?

First of all that terminology — ‘break’ a bad habit — we need to change that. Think about how long it took for you to ingrain that as a habit. It didn’t just happen overnight. You’ve been doing it over and over for a time, you don’t just stop doing it overnight. It’s something that, in the words that I’ve been taught in my coaching — you start to untangle a bad habit.

If you’ve ever tried to take apart something that is tangled, what’s the easiest way to start to undo it?  You untangle it bit by bit. If you try and yank, it gets even tighter and knots even tighter.

Think about that as the same with your habits. You have to unravel them bit by bit, piece by piece. Otherwise, it just tightens even more. And so if you want to start to untangle a habit that you don’t like, you go back to the Fogg Behavior Model.

In this episode, I break down the steps on how to untangle your bad habits by understanding how they are formed in the first place. This reverse engineering process is based on the Fogg Behavior Model that I have shared in our previous episodes, so please make sure to check it out first if you haven’t yet.

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • Understanding how habits are formed based on the Fogg Behavior Model
  • Ways to ‘untangle’ your bad habits by reverse engineering the behavior model
  • Tips on how to use Motivation, Ability, and Prompt to help you undo your bad habits
  • How creating good habits can help crowd out bad habits


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