Episode 51

Quick Fire Q&A with Nsoki

January 27, 2019

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Episode Overview

This week’s delightful quickfire segment guest is none other than the “Princess of Zouk,” the award-winning Angolan songbird, Nsoki.

“I can find inspiration almost everywhere.” – Nsoki

One of Nsoki’s most notable hit songs is “Africa Unite;” a collaboration single with a blend of electronic, house and African rhythms that speaks about music, peace, harmony, and unity between all Africans. Then in 2018, Nsoki teamed up with Rayvanny to sing “Africa Sunrise,” a song about the struggles and joys of living in Africa.

Back in episode 36, we jumped on a quick interview with Nsoki just before a performance in Canada. The sensational artist talked about her roots and what inspires her to pursue music. Nsoki even shares some of the challenges that come with being an international superstar and a mother.

But you know what else is truly remarkable about her? Her mellow and very down-to-earth presence. Who says Nsoki can’t be a trailblazing African woman and soul-soothing songbird at the same time, right?!

Now that you know a little bit about her, it’s the perfect time to catch her quickfire round!

Quick answers to quick questions like, what’s her favorite time of day and why? her favorite thing to eat? oh! and what is her favorite book? All this and more, so don’t miss it!

what you’ll learn in this episode

  • The 3 words that describe Nsoki
  • The first person that comes to her mind when she hears the word “successful”
  • Nsoki’s favorite book
  • What gift does she love to give, as well as the gift she loves to receive
  • What is Nsoki’s favorite time of day and why
  • The 2 people she’d like to have dinner with and why
  • What her favorite food is
  • and so much more!


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